Spring Hill, Florida Post 186 


2017 - 2018


Commander – Jack Perz


1st Vice – Eric Hunter


2nd Vice – Steve Tyler


Finance Officer – Frank Babicz


Chaplain – Charles Haig


Historian – Bill Holobinka


Sgt at Arms – Tom Wilson


E - Board – Bruce Carl


E - Board – Chris Smith


E- Board – Russ Anderson


E- Board – Terri Obrien


E- Board – Dan Hinkel


E- Board – John Motzer


E- Board – Don Malin


Service Officer – Jack Frain


Recording Secretary – Sudie Staten



  American Legion Post 186 - 2017-2018 Officers and Staff  
                  Canteen 352-597-9995      
 Name Office Address Phone E-Mail  
Jack Perz Commander 12339 Clubhouse Rd. Bkville 34613 816-790-9222 C jrperz8040@gmail.com  
      852-596-1605 H    
Eric "Sox" Hunter 1st Vice Commander 12042 Conway St. SH 34609 352-666-0691 H huntersusan@bellsouth.net  
  Imm. Past Commander   352-650-1547 C    
Steve Tyler 2nd Vice Commander 7115 Oxley Rd. Bkville 34601 352-544-5661 H potwarp@hotmail.com  
      813-857-3671 C    
Frank Babicz Finance Officer 7414 Abington Way WW 34613 352-596-1015 H fcbab@aol.com  
Charles Haig Chaplain 13157 Lola Drive SH 34609 352-597-1210 H haigie@aol.com  
      352-340-7074 C    
Tom Wilson Sgt. At Arms 4369 Mariner Blvd. SH 34609 352-683-0407 H etwilson@tampabay.rr.com  
  SJA   352-238-3574 C    
Bill Holobinka Historian 11373 Patch SH 34609 352-686-0364 H    
Sudie Staten Recording Sec'y 277 Waterfall Dr. SH 34608 352-556-2883 H blutides@outlook.com  
Jack Frain Service Officer 9201 Salisbury Dr. Bkville 34613 352-279-4052 C    
  American Legion Post 186 - 2017-2018 E-Board Members  
                Canteen 352-597-9995      
 Name   Address Phone E-Mail  
Russ Anderson   5049 Kirkland Ave. SH 34609 352-442-0472 C    
Bruce Carl   1087 Trinidad Ave. SH 34609 352-942-7948 C brucel1955@yahoo.com  
Dan Henkle   7739 St. Andrews Blvd. WW 34606 352-596-1642 H    
      352-678-0533 C    
Don Malin House Committee 14815 Rialto Ave. Brkville  34613 352-556-3808 H donnmcb1@gmail.com  
      727-373-8619 C    
John C. Motzer Newsletter Editor 7436 Centerwood Ave. SH 34606 352-835-7330 H jmotzer1@tampabay.rr.com  
      845-399-7536 C    
Terry Obrien   12363 Obrien Ave. Brkville 34613 315-487-7456 H lucky.irish49@yahoo.com  
      315-447-4088 C    
Christian Smith   239 Tulsa Ave. SH 34606 352-600-9784 H csmith1404@tampabay.rr.com  
      785-307-2076 C    










Newsletter – John Motzer

SAL Liaison – Eric “Sox” Hunter

ALR Liaison – Eric "Sox" Hunter

Finance – Frank Babicz

Entertainment – Bruce Carl

Steak Shoot – Dan Henkel

Queen of Hearts – Frank Babicz

Bag of Cheer – Eric “Sox” Hunter

Boy’s State – Tom Wilson

Americanism – Barbara Smith

Membership – Barbara Smith

Children & Youth - Bruce Carl

House Committee – Don Malin

Scholarship – Bruce Carl

Boy Scouts – Eric "Sox" Hunter

ROTC – Bruce Carl

Baseball – Don Malin






For God and Country, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes: To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America; to maintain law and order; to foster and perpetuate a one hundred per cent Americanism; to preserve the memories and incidents of our associations in the Great Wars; to inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, state and nation; to combat the autocracy of both the classes and the masses; to make right the master of might; to promote peace and good will on earth; to safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of justice, freedom and democracy; to consecrate and sanctify our comradeship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness.


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