American Legion

Charles E. Murray Post 186

12091 Cortez Blvd. Brooksville, FL  34613-7350



June 28, 2018


1.      ADMITTANCE TO THE POST:  Open to ALL members of the American Legion, the Auxiliary, the Sons of the American Legion Squadron 186, Canadian Legion, and the United Kingdom showing a current membership card.  Active Duty US Military with a current ID card are authorized to use the Post facilities.  A spouse, or out of town guests, and all Sons of the American Legion Squadron Members other than Squadron 186 and is accompanied by an American Legion, Auxiliary, or Sons of the American Legion Squadron 186 member showing a current membership card, MUST BE SIGNED IN.


A.  If a member signs in a guest that member is totally responsible for all actions of that guest.  If the member leaves the Post so must that guest.  Only members may purchase beverages from the Bar/Canteen.

B.   Members are limited to sign in five (5) guests.

 C.  Members that have not paid their dues cannot be signed in as guests or sign in a guest.  That member must either pay their dues or leave the premises.


D.  Guest is eligible to be an American Legion member may only be signed in (3) times before that person must join the American Legion.


2.   DRESS STANDARDS:  Members and their guests must be properly attired at all times.  Minimum standards for attire are:




1.      Shorts may be worn; no cut-offs, but must be of mid-thigh to knee length when standing

2.  Tank Tops may not be worn in the Legion at any time after 6 p.m.

3.  Golf shirts, shirts with collars, dressy type T-shirts and pull over sweaters are appropriate.


1.       Shorts may be worn; no cut-offs, but must be of mid-thigh to knee length when standing

2.      It is not permitted to wear tube-tops or similar attire, where the midriff is exposed.


        Both Men and Women:

1.   Shoes, sandals, or other protective foot ware is required

2.   No see-through attire may be worn

 3.  NO shirt, shorts, or any other attire that has obscene jesters, profane printing or writing will be allowed and that person will be required to leave the premises immediately.

4.  Any item of clothing that is disrespectful to our National Flag, another person or other national symbol is forbidden to be worn.

5.  No underwear type garments are permitted as outer clothing.

6.  Other than special events such as Post functions, swim wear is prohibited

7.  Dress for special functions and parties will be regulated by that committee but cannot be less than minimum standards.




A.  All Legionnaires, Auxiliary, Sone of the American Legion and guests are expected to help keep the POST clean.


B.  The employed bartender on duty may refuse service to anyone that, in their opinion, is intoxicated.  They will be told by the bartender that they are being refused service, offered help in getting transportation and something to eat and then leave the premises.  If a person desires transportation that person must leave the bar area until transportation arrives to transport him/her.  Any person giving alcohol beverages to a person that has been cut off by the bartender in charge will forfeit their remaining drinks and must leave the premises.


C.  Discussing Legion business at the bar is strictly forbidden and the Canteen server may refuse service to those that do.


D.  No person that acts to be or appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will be allowed in the Post Home or on the Property.


E.  Loud, boisterous or profane language is strictly forbidden at all times.  In the judgment of the bartender any Member or Guest using such language will be refused service by the bartender and be required to leave the premises.


F.  Harassing or intimidating other members or their guests will not be tolerated and will be considered conduct unbecoming a Legion Member.


G.  Anyone removing, damaging or destroying property of the American Legion shall pay for the damage and face charges before the Executive Board.


H.  The Canteen/Premises is CLOSED to POST members for the duration of their General Membership meeting.  Last call will be given by the bartender fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the meeting.  The canteen will re-open for those members at the close of their meeting.  ANY MEMBER NOT ATTENDING A REGULARLY CONVENED MEETING OR LEAVES THE MEETING WHILE IN PROGRESS MUST LEAVE THE PREMISIS.


I.  No Alcoholic beverages are to be taken from or brought into the Post at any time.  No food or beverages shall be brought into the Post when the kitchen is open unless approved by the Commander.  Special occasions, i.e. memorial services, holidays, pot luck dinners, are exempt from this rule.


J.  Positively no alcoholic drinks will be served to minors under twenty-one (21) at any time.  No minors will be allowed to play any game of chance. Minors under 18 years of age will not be allowed at the bar and must be seated at the tables and supervised at all times.


K.  Anyone under the age of eighteen (18) will not be allowed to play any amusement machines.  Persons under the age of eighteen (18) will not be allowed to utilize the pool tables unless supervised by an adult and must leave, be out of, the Post at 9:00 p.m.


L.  No animals except working/service animals will be allowed in the Post.


M.  All games and entertainment must stop at last call.


N.  Only persons authorized by the bartender or Commander will be allowed in the kitchen or behind the bar.


O.  NO FIREARMS:  Under no circumstances will there be any firearms allowed on the premises.


P.  Schedule hours are posted in the Canteen area and on the Bulletin Board in front of the Post.  Absolutely NO drinks will be SERVED after 1:45 a.m., and ALL DRINKS AND MONIES MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE BAR AT 2:00 a.m. WITH NO EXCEPTIONS!  Canteen will be closed during all Post Ceremonies.


Q.  Restraining Orders:  Legionnaires have the right to remain in the Post Home regardless of who originated a Restraining Order.  If the Restraining Order involves two legionnaires then the fist one to arrive in the Post Home has the right to stay and the other must leave.  A scheduled employee has precedence over a member or guest to remain in the Post.


R.  As smoking is now banned inside of our post, the following will apply to violations of the no-smoking policy:


      1.  First violation will result in a write-up in the incident book at the bar.

      2.  Second violation will result in a write-up and a 15-day suspension from the post.

      3.  Third violation will result in a write-up and a 30-day suspension from the post.

      4.  A forth violation will constitute a flagrant violation of the no-smoking policy and will result in a special disciplinary hearing before the E-board.  Penalties up to and including permanent expulsion from the post may be considered by the board.



A.  The employed bartender on duty shall have the authority to enforce HOUSE RULES and may have any member removed for misconduct or violation of the House Standing Rules.  The bartender must also write all incidents in the Canteen Log Book.  Only the Bartender on duty or the Commander may make entries in the Canteen Log Book.  All members are expected to conduct themselves as American Legion members.  Misconduct and violations of the House Standing Rules will not be tolerated.  All violations of the House Rules should be reported to the bartender on duty.  An incident report must be filled out at the time of the incident by either the bartender on duty or the person reporting the violation.  The report should list all witnesses and telephone numbers where they can be reached.  The bartender is in charge and is responsible for reporting all incidents to the Canteen Manager as well as logging the incident in the Canteen Log Book.  All House Rule violations will be reviewed by the Judge Advocate and the Commander may suspend any member of guest for up to thirty (30) days for violations of Post House Rules.  For more serious offenses, the Commander may suspend any member or guest for up to 45 days if awaiting a Special E-Board.  The suspension of the member is immediate.  The member will be notified by U.S. Mail of this suspension and of the date and time of the hearing of the Special Executive Board meeting if one is required.  If the individual shows up in the Canteen the bartender on duty will give them a copy of the letter of suspension.  Any questions on the suspension will be referred to the Commander.  All incidents in the log book and actions taken shall be read to the E-Board by the Post Judge Advocate.  The Executive Board may suspend canteen privileges from 30 days to Life.  All Executive Board findings will be final and binding.  If suspension is awarded the member will be allowed to attend all general membership meetings but must leave the Post premises at the end of said meeting.  The suspended member will not be allowed to attend any social functions or utilize any Post facilities or equipment during the suspension.   Any suspended guest will have no appeal rights and will not be allowed any guest privileges.  All members that are suspended for any reason will be relieved of all duties and responsibilities of their position in the Legion.  All Post 186 members have the right to appeal in writing to the Judge Advocate who will represent their appeal to the Executive Board.


B.  Cashing of checks will be limited to Post 186 members only and at the discretion of the bartender in charge.  There is a limit of one $50.00 check per day drawn on local banks to Post members only.  Current Bank overdraft charges will be applied for any returned check.  Loaning of POST funds is forbidden.  No third-party checks will be accepted.  Second offender lose check cashing ability.  They also lose Canteen privileges until their outstanding check is made good with penalties.


C.  There will be no loans of canteen funds or individual tabs ran at the bar at any time.  The employed bartender on duty may run Bar tabs for special functions when approved by the Canteen Manager.


D.  Suggestions or criticisms of lounge or Legion operation shall be submitted in writing and assigned to the House Committee for consideration.  Amending the House Rules will be done periodically by a Legion committee of five (5) selected by the Commander.  The revised house rules shall then be approved by the E-board with a two thirds majority.



Approved this date by the Executive Board


June 28, 2018   Steve Tyler, Commander











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